Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Properties
•  Nice aesthetic appearance: matt and wrinkled
•  Very good formability
•  Good corrosion resistance
•  Thermosetting paint
•  Surface treatment and paint: free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals
Matt Wrinkled PPGI Applications
External building and general industry applications: tiles, cladding etc
Matt Wrinkled PPGI Description
Thickness (1) 35 microns

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI PPGI Front:10 microns primer + 25 microns top coat Back:5, 7, 10 or 12 microns backing coat Double-side finish available
Gloss (Gardner 60°) (1) Maximum 5 GU
Colours Specific colour palette
Appearance Wrinkled
Temporary protection (optional)
Strippable films are usually not suitable for wrinkled surfaces
Matt Wrinkled PPGI Performance
Adhesion of the coating (T-bend) ≤1T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend) ≤2T

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Impact resistance 18 J
Resistance on deformed parts: Marciniak test ≤ 1C1
Clemen scratch resistance ≥ 1.5 kg
Corrosion resistance: 360 hours
•  Salt spray test RC3
•  Corrosion resistance category
Condensation resistance (QCT) 1000 hours
UV resistance: ∆E ≤ 3; GR ≥ 60%
•  QUV (UVA + H2O) test (2000 hours)
•  UV resistance categor
Fire behaviour classification (EN 13501-1) RUV3
Resistance to acids and bases A1
Resistance to solvents: Good
•  Aliphatics and alcohols Very good
•  Ketones Low
•  Aromatics Good to very good
Matt Wrinkled PPGI Automatic guarantee
Please refer to “Granite® Automatic Guarantee” in the product ≤ 10 years, depending on the external environment
document centre at ≤ 10 years, depending on the external environment
•  Non-perforation of the sheet metal ≤ 5 years, depending on the geographic location and the paint
•  Non-delamination of the paint
colour category
•  Aesthetic appearance (∆E ≤ 3; Gloss retention ≥ 50%)
These performance characteristics refer specifically to metallic coating Z225 (guaranteed minimum).
If any product (film, oil, foam, glue, paint etc) is to be applied after coil delivery, compatibility with the coating needs to be checked first.
(1) Nominal value, tolerance according to EN 10169

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI

Matt Wrinkled PPGI
Standard: GB/T12754-06/ JIS G3302 1998
Size Range: 0.15-1.2mmX800-1250mmXC
Coil Weight: 3-15tons
Coil ID: 508/610MM
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Color: According RAL or as required
Length: As required (unit of measurement: Ton)
Color Coated Steel Coil Base Metal: Galvanized steel SGCC
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Coat fabric: 2/1 or 2/2
Zinc Coating: 60-270G/M2
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Prime Coating: POLYURETHANE, EPOXY
Finished Coating: EPOXY, PE SMP PVDF
Packing: Fully seaworthy export packing
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Minimum order: 30Tons

Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI

Here are some of the specifications of Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGII which we can do for your kind references:
Standard: JIS G3302 SGCC, ASTM A653, DX51D+Z
Zinc thickness: 80g-275g.
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Sheet thickness: 0.2mm-1.2mm
Sheet width: 600mm-1250mm
Coil weight(single coil): Max 9Ton.
Inner diameter of coil: 508mm&610mm.
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Paint coating: Top coating: 5-7 micron epoxy plus 25 micron polyester. Reverse coating: 5-7 micron epoxy for single coating or 3+7 micron for double coating.
Film protection: Automatically film coating, and normal thickness: 0.04mm-0.05mm.
Packing: Standard seaworthy packing.
Matt PPGI Wrinkled PPGI Colour choice: All RAL colour is available.
Delivery: 45days latest after L/C or deposit available.